Derrick Henry will start for Titans by the end of the 2017 season

Demarco Murray is as dynamic of a RB1 that we have in today’s game. That does not mean you should draft him or that he will stay on the field all season in 2017. Coming off a year in which he ran the ball 293 times and narrowly escaped a severe toe injury those who expect the soon to be 30 year old to have a similar season in 2017 will be mistaken. Derrick Henry has already shown in small bursts that he is a premier NFL talent, with 5 TD’s and almost 500 yards in only 110 attempts, and has the big NFL body that will keep him on the field if Murray goes down. Not to mention even if Murray does somehow stay healthy it might not matter with the Titans being firmly committed to the run coming in 3rd in per game attempts with 29.8 per game. Henry can provide fantasy points even with 15 carries a game and this offense could become similar to the Atlanta Falcons with two premier RB’s, i.e. Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Both players averaged nearly the same impressive yards per carry last season, Murray with 4.4 per carry and Henry with 4.5 per carry, so it may simply come down to durability and age. Considering Murray’s age and workload look for Henry to have a huge impact if Murrays spends any time on the sideline next season. If you do draft Murray you must also draft Henry to protect yourself otherwise smart owners should take a fly on Henry in the later rounds because of his huge upside.


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