Brandon Marshall is a top 15 WR in 2017

Brandon Marshall will be a top 15 fantasy receiver in the 2017 season. I know this may shock many of you to hear such a bold statement after the season he put forward last year having career lows in TDs(3), receptions(59), and second worst year in yards(788). Sounds pretty bad right? Yes those are horrendous stats for what many thought would be a WR1 or even a WR2 last season and left many fantasy owners wishing they picked another WR. I’m here to tell you to draft him again at a bargain, maybe round 4 or 5, and watch the TD’s roll in. Marshall is a huge target the likes of which Eli hasn’t had since Plaxico Burress, who by the way had 33 TD’s in four years with the Giants. Despite his mediocre year with the Jets last year he still managed 35 red zone looks last year on an absolute garbage fire that was the New York Jet’s offense. Compare this to the Giants number one threat in the red zone last year Odell Beckham Jr. who only received 5 more looks (40) in the red zone last season. Odell is 5’11, on a good day in cleats, where as Marshall is a towering 6’4 in a similar mold to Plaxico. Smart fantasy owners should recognize Marshall’s red zone ability and the fact that teams will not be able to double cover Marshall with a dominant Odell on the other side and a viable Sterling Shepard in the slot. Not to mention that Marshall is no longer taking passes from Bryce Petty, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Geno Smith. Now he will be taking passes from 2-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning and a pass heavy offense. The Giants are committed to the passing game, as evident by the signing of Marshall, and they will continue their air assault in 2017. Eli hasn’t had a weapon the likes of Marshall in many seasons and he will capitalize on having a sizable WR in the red zone. Bank on Marshall to be a steal in this year’s drafts.

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